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UC3M (Spain)-Fraunhofer IFAM (Germany) collaboration

The collaboration between UC3M and IFAM is framed in Beatriz Velasco Ph.D thesis research on MAX phases foams supervised Sophia Tsipas. The aim is to characterize the physical properties and permeability of foams processed at UC3M.  As a result of thecollaboration two joint publications are in preparation, one world congress participation has been submitted and the  further work in common has been initiated.

The aim of the collaboration to characterize MAX phase foams processed at UC3M. Two MAX phases foams were studied: Ti2AlC and Ti3SiC2.  The characterization has consisted in studing their permeability and physical properties: thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity at room temperature and at high temperature. This characterization is the second stage in Beatriz Velasco’s thesis that has previously optimized the processing conditions of the foams.

The samples studied have two porosity parameters: volume percentage of porosity (from 10% to 60%) and pore size (from 250 to 1000 µm). This characterization provides the key to link the effect of both parameters to the foams properties.  Furthermore, it contributes to better knowledge of the important aspects of processing conditions in order to achieve foams with tailor-made properties

The collaboration has resulted in the two joint publications currently under preparation submission of one world congress participation and the beginning of further work in common.