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Ti macroporous structures by different colloidal routes

The research group of ICV-CSIC, as part of the PhD thesis “Additives Processing in the shaping of Ti and HA porous biostructures: Relevance of the synergy particle-gel” of Ms. Esther Molero Romero (directed by Dra. Begoña Ferrari and Dr. Antonio Javier Sanchez Herencia), develop Ti macroporous structures by different colloidal routes; materials such as sponges, foams and scaffolds shown in the follow photograph.

Processing of foams reinforced with a MAX phase were the subject of the award Speech Student held in Badajoz in November 2014,  and it has subsequently been submitted in the International Conference of the European Ceramic Society (ECERS) held in Toledo 21-25 June 2015 as the Spanish representative. The title of this work was “In-situ ceramic reinforcement (Ti3SiC2) of Ti foams by combining the use of pre-ceramic polymers and colloidal processing techniques”, in collaboration with the group of Prof. P. Colombo the University of Padua and the group of Dr. E. Gordo of GPT-UC3M of MULTIMAT

Ti macroporous structures Ester Molero