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Starch based materials with multi-shape memory properties

Starch-based polymers and bionanocomposites are an innovative and relevant topic in the field of "Green Chemistry". Thanks to its biodegradability, low cost and renewability, starch is thereby considered as a promising candidate for the development of environmentally friendly materials with multifunctional properties. Due to its high ability to spontaneously self-assemble in function of temperature and water, starchy materials could be use as shape memory polymer (SMP). SMP are polymeric smart materials capable to memorize temporary shapes and recover their original shape upon external stimulation including temperature, light, humidity, pH, electric or magnetic field, etc., by means of altering their physical and/or chemical properties. In general, SMPs are strongly affected by the molecular structure of the polymer and they can be programmed in order to exhibit shape memory properties, i.e. combining the effect of two domains/segments or phases. Hence, the aim of this work is to design smart multi-responsive biomaterials and in particular to investigate both water- and thermally-activated shape-memory effects on blends based on TPS and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). In these multi-shape memory systems, starch, water-responsive, is responsible for the shape memory behavior in response to relative humidity while EVA is temperature-responsive.