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Zwick rewards Rocio Muñoz Moreno for her novel contribution about in situ mechanical testing of advanced aerospace materials

Rocio Muñoz has been selected as the Third Prize Winner in the 2014 Zwick Science Award Competition with her Thesis work entitled “Analysis of crystallographic slip and grain boundary sliding in a Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn (at%)–0.8 vol%TiB2 alloy by high temperature in situ mechanical testing” among more than 100 presented contributions.

Rocio Muñoz wins third prize at 2014 Zwick Scence Award

Zwick is a world leader supplier of materials testing machines and each year organizes an academic meeting in which awards young scientists for outstanding work in the field of mechanical testing. In its latest edition, the event took place on June 2 at the ETH University in Zurich with the main topic: New Materials – New Challenges.

In this occasion, Dr. Rocio Muñoz Moreno received the 3rd prize for her research on the analysis of the mechanisms of deformation and fracture of a g-TiAl alloy by mechanical tests in situ in a scanning electron microscope.

This Thesis has been cosupervised by Dr Elisa Mª Ruiz-Navas from UC3M and Dr. Teresa Pérez Prado from Imdea Materials Foundation in the frame of the Project DATIAL (MAT2009-14547).