The Project

MULTIMAT-CHALLENGE is a Programme funded by the Regional Government of Madrid for the period October 2014 to September 2018 and constitutes an interdisciplinary and intersectorial collaborative framework to join forces, put together activities and infrastructures and boost the research in progress within the groups of the consortium.

The scientific programme focuses the activities on three priority areas

and it is structured in six main objectives:

  1. Synthesis and processing of inorganic multifunctional materials.
  2. Synthesis and processing of polymeric and composite multifunctional materials.
  3. Development of coatings, surface treatments and surface modification technologies.
  4. Development of join technologies for multifunctional materials and multimaterials.
  5. Study of mechanisms of interaction material-media.
  6. Development of techniques for structural health monitoring.

Contributions of MultiMat Challenge

The contributions of the programme are summarised in the scheme.

Multimat contributions scheme

Pillars of the programme


Most of the programme members are involved in teaching/training activities, in bachelor degree courses, masters and doctorates.


The members of the programme pledge their firm commitment to the collaboration between groups, and it is reflected in the fund of four pre-doctoral contracts to develop the PhD between two groups each. The interrelation of the groups can be seen in the following scheme, showing also the three areas of work.

Multimat group interactions

Transfer of knowledge

The final idea is to transfer the knowledge to the society and industry, with the help of the seven laboratories involved in the programme, and the participation of more than 25 companies interested in the results. It is expected a great deal of results transferable to the industry.