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Plasma electrolytic oxidation of light alloys – fundamental and practical aspects

A Seminar delivered by Dr. Endzhe Matykina (CCRM group, UCM) . The seminar is organised under the umbrella of the NOVOMAG cooperation agreement between the UCM and HZG as part of the outreach activities within the MULTIMAT Challenge programme.

Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) generates short-lived (order of ms) plasma microdischarges at metal/electrolyte/gas interface during anodizing of light and valve alloys (Al, Mg, Ti, Zr) in aqueous electrolytes at voltages exceeding dielectric breakdown. The resultant coatings exhibit exceptional hardness, corrosion- and wear-resistance among other functional properties due to the coating morphology and presence of high-temperature ceramic phases. Findings from studies of DC and AC PEO of aluminium, magnesium, titanium and zirconium are drawn together to disclose the similarities of the anodizing behaviour and properties of the resultant coatings. The limitation of PEO technology is its relatively high energy consumption, which currently makes it economically viable only for high-added value applications. Routes to achievement of energy savings up to 50% during current and voltage controlled AC PEO of commercial wrought and cast Al alloys are pinpointed. Existing and potential applications of PEO-coated light alloys in transport and biomedical industries are highlighted. Scope for potential UCM-IMDEA collaborations in surface engineering is defined.