CCRM - Caracterización, Corrosión y Degradación de Materiales de Interés Tecnológico

Endzhe Matykina

Senior Researcher - Chief Investigator

Endzhe  Matykina

Dr. Endzhe Matykina holds a Candidate of Science degree in Chemical Sciences and Electrochemical Engineering (2002, Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU), Russia) and a PhD in Materials Science and Corrosion (2006, The University of Manchester (UoM), U.K.).

Since 2006 she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at UoM (U.K.), CENIM-CSIC (Spain) and is currently a Senior Researcher at UCM, enjoying a prestigious Ramon y Cajal Research Fellowship. She has been working in the area of Materials for Health since 2003, developing bioactive coatings for Ti and Mg alloys by conventional and advanced electrochemical techniques, including anodizing, electrochemical deposition and plasma electrolytic oxidation.

Her interests primarily lie in tailoring of the surface chemistry, microstructure and topography of biomaterials, aiming for enhanced osseoconductivity, and in studies of corrosion mechanisms of biomaterials based on metal/ceramic systems. During her career Dr Matykina has published 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals with 1568 citations (Scopus) and h-index of 21. She regularly collaborates with cell biology and issue engineering specialists and hospitals and in the last 5 years has been closely working with a Spanish dental implant company, Noricum S.L.