NANOLABU - Laboratorio de Nanomecánica y Caracterzación Nanométrica

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


The main mision of the Nanolabu laboratory is the morphological and mechanical characterization at nanometric scale of advanced materials.

Hardness, Young’s modulus and surface morphology of volumetric materials and thin films of metals, polymers, ceramics and composites can be determined.

Technical Capabilities

  • Optical 3D Profiler in true colour
  • Nanoindenter with low and high load modules (MTS nanoindenter and Triboscope-AFM module)
  • Nanoscratch tests, Atomic Force Microscope
  • In-situ (SEM) Micro-tensile test machine (3PB, 4PB, tensile test) with load cell of 200 N.