LMCOMP - Laboratorio de Materiales Compuestos

Universidad Politécnica Madrid


The Laboratory is leaded by Prof. Alfredo Güemes. The team has been actively working on composites since 1983 and smart structures since 1994.

The team keeps frequent contacts, summer stays and student exchanges with Stanford and other American universities.

Technical Capabilities

  • Fiber Optics Sensors laboratory, including a FBG writing facility, interrogation systems, Optical Backscatter Reflectometer, optical switches and fusion splicers.
  • Composites manufacturing, with vacuum bag or hot press plate, and testing, including static and dynamic testing machines (MTS-810 and MTS TestWork.4), C-Scan, diamond cutting, optical and electron microscopy, physico-chemical characterization equipments (DSC, DMTA, FTIR, GPC), impact tower and low energy gravity rigs.
  • Structural testing bench with actuators, with the ability to test small structures and sub-structures up to 500kN.