UME CAT - Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico

Gilberto del Rosario Hernández

Dr. Technician charge of SEM

Gilberto del Rosario Hernández  - UME CAT - Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico

(Author Scopus ID: 7801426539) is actually Senior Specialized Technical of electron microscopy lab in the Technical Support Center of the University Rey Juan Carlos (CAT-URJC) since 2002. He studied Physics at the University of Habana (Cuba), being awarded a Ph.D. in 2008 for his work on the Manufacturing and Characterization of Laser joints of steels.

He was the technical director of the laboratory of characterization of materials and mechanical testing of company manufacturer of construction and mining equipment (Cuba) until 1995 and the head of laboratory of structural and electron microscopy characterization of metallurgical research center (CIME, Cuba) until 2001.

He got his PhD in Materials Engineering in 2008. He is co-authored of 25 papers published in international journal indexed in JCR. He has been cited 160 times and his author h-index is 6.