Events / Researchers Mobility

GTP-UC3M (Spain) – University of California, Berkeley (USA)

The PhD student Amaya García Casas is carrying out her Ph.D. Thesis in the Materials Science and Engineering Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, under the supervision of Dra. Antonia Jiménez-Morales. Her research work is focus on the design, synthesis and electrochemical corrosion characterization of sol-gel coating with properties predesigned for biomedical applications. She has been welcomed to stay 3 months in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of California (Berkeley, USA) in order to conduct research on experimental and modeling of the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The period of her stay has been established from September to December of 2015 under the supervision of Professor Digby D. Macdonald.

Scientific work/previsions

In vitro electrochemical characterization of sol-gel coatings in physiological simulated fluid (pH=7.4 and 37 ºC) will be performed. A hybrid organo-inorganic sol-gel was selected and  applied on powder metallurgy titanium parts. A formulation based on the mixture of two organopolysiloxane (TMOS and MAPTMS) was selected and modified with 3 different substances in order to improve the osseointegration of titanium. The uncoated substrate, the control and the modified coatings will be tested and compared.