Research Groups

FIOBI - Grupo de Investigación en Fisiopatología Ósea y Biomateriales

Hospital Universitario La Paz

The Bone Physiopathology and Biomaterials group includes basic and clinical researchers from IdiPAZ.

The group has broad experience in clinical and basic research on biomaterials for orthopaedic implants and bone tissue engineering. The principal goal of the group is to improve the clinical outcome of orthopaedic surgery through
research on implants and biomaterials used for manufacturing prosthetic devices.

The group is also interested in bone tissue engineering applications, developing surgical procedures that make use of allotransplants, evaluating scaffolds manufactured by collaborative partners and developing novel gene therapy strategies aimed to heal bone defects. Specific areas of clinical research on implants include follow-up studies on various devices in use for osteoarticular surgery.