Research Groups


Universidad Politécnica Madrid

This group of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) is, composed by 6 people as permanente staff, and a similar number of PhD students. The group is leaded by Prof. Güemes, they have worked actively on Composites since 1983, and in the field of Smart Structures since 1994. They keep frequent contacts, summer stays and student exchanges with Siegen, Stanford and other European and american universities.

The group has participated in various international projects: ‘Smart Wind Turbine Blades’ (JORCT96_ 0104), as principal contractor and responsible for sensor development; ‘Process Efficient Regulation for Economical Composites Technologies (PERFECT)’, (BE 4048), for the development of fibre optic sensors for cure monitoring and resin flow measurements; Euclid RTP 3.20 project on ‘Active Health Monitoring System (AHMOS)’; ‘Fiber optic sensors for cryogenics composite tanks’, funded by ESA, responsible for development and qualification at LH2 temperature of strain, temperature and leaks detection fiber optic Bragg grating sensors; ‘Bond Assisted Single Step Assembly (BASSA)’; ‘Aircraft Reliability Through Intelligent Materials Applications (ARTIMA)’; Advanced Low Cost Aircraft Structures (ALCAS)’; ‘SHM in Action’, and currently at SARISTU ( Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures)