Research Groups


Hospital 12 de Octubre

The Regenerative Medicine group from i+12 Institute is focused on the study of the therapeutic effect of stem cells derived from a human placenta. The cells are mesenchymal-like and, therefore, have a number of advantages over other types of stem cells, such as their immunomodulatory properties which makes them well tolerated in allogeneic transplants.

Besides its regenerative capacity, placental stem cells can serve as cellular vehicles of therapeutic agents. Because the cells can be differentiated into a large number of tissues, they can be used as cellular models of numerous diseases to study the biology and mechanisms and the effect of particular medications. The group objectives are related to the use of placental stem cells with or without bio- and nano-materials that can be applied to a patient depending on the characteristics of the disease characteristics.

The research group is composed by basic and clinical researchers from, both i+12 Institute and the UCM.