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Beatriz Velasco selected as winner in the V National Congress of Powder Metallurgy for her photography “Foam”

The V National Congress of Powder Metallurgy held in Girona from July 1st to 3rd, 2015, invited participants to participate in a “Best photography 2015” competition for photographs in the area of powder metallurgy.

Selection of the best photograph was to be by vote of the attendees and qualified by the scientific committee. The first prize was awarded to Beatriz Velasco, linked to the GTP, who presented the photograph: “Foam”. The winning image shows a Ti3SiC2 (MAX phase) porous sample, processed from powder material. The foam was obtained processing the powder in aqueous suspension and employing as porous former a polymer foam template.

Beatriz Velasco_Foam

The foam pictured in the selected photograph is part of her PhD thesis work, supervised by Sophia Tsipas, and which results from the collaboration between GTP and ICV. Both groups collaborate to improve the processing of porous materials of powder materials, in concrete MAX phases, by colloidal processing. This collaboration is focused in obtaining foams for high performance applications.

This work is carried out thanks to the funding of the project MULTIMAT-CHALLENGE (S2013/MIT-2862).